Skyfeathers - A Nightclub for Teenagers : 1985
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Skyfeathers artifact unearthed!
Skyfeathers cassette - The Alarm
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This is an original Skyfeathers ‘New Wave dancefloor’ dubbed cassette! There were perhaps 15-20 of these, each with just one song dubbed from vinyl. This is the only one I know of to have survived.

I recently found this in a box of old stuff in the attic. It was made by Ben and later relabeled by me (why did I write "Alarm, The"...??).

At the end of the tape you can hear the tails of songs previously recorded over, but what song is that first tail?
update: Jenny id'ed the first leftover tail as The Ramones "Howling at the Moon", the second one is of course Adam Ant "Desperate But Not Serious"

click the image to "play the tape" or click mp3 to get the mp3

Thanks to Buddy Sears, we now have 2 videos from the Skyfeathers era. Not only are they from the era, but they are specifically about Skyfeathers!

  • One is a 1 minute TV ad that was produced to run on the local MTV channel.
  • The other is an almost 4 minutes news feature that appeared on a cable news program and features lots of great footage from inside the club - are YOU in it? Watch it and see (and then let me know)!
  • Skyfeathers Ad framegrab

    Skyfeathers Ad

    duration: 01:02, size: 6mb

    [click image to play video]

    Skyfeathers News Feature framegrab

    Skyfeathers News Feature

    duration: 03:52, size: 22.7mb

    [click image to play video]

    We also have 2 more video clips for you to enjoy. Each is the "extra footage" from the finished products. First we can see some footage taken after the ad shoot. A few comments from the stars, and Vinnie, Buddy and Stu can be seen coming out of the house.
    The extra footage from the News Feature is basically more people dancing during primetime club hours - shot on the Top 40 dancefloor, I believe.

    Skyfeathers Ad - extra footage framegrab

    Skyfeathers Ad - extra footage

    duration: 02:32, size: 14.4mb

    [click image to play video]

    Skyfeathers News Feature - extra footage framegrab

    Skyfeathers News Feature - Extra footage

    duration: 01:18, size: 7.75mb

    [click image to play video]

    I decided to err on the side of quality for these videos, so sorry to all "non-highspeed internet people" if it takes a while to download.

    I'm pretty sure i recognize some of the people in the news feature. I also think the curly/long-haired girl in the ad was a Skyfeathers denizen... anyone remember her name?