Skyfeathers - A Nightclub for Teenagers : 1985
Some people, in no particular order:
  • Jennifer Johnson (aka - Butterbean)
  • Maria and Elena Mazzilli (sisters)
  • Sydney
  • Jules
  • Chris
  • Alison and Lisa Bullion (sisters)
  • Danielle LaMarshe
  • Diane Johnson
  • Candi (Candice) and Kim (best friends)
  • Russell Gandy
  • Jessica
  • Holly Ruark
  • Dean Logan (RIP 2006)
  • Christine Gingrich
  • Felicia Kovacs
  • Kara and Kristin Kirst
  • Nixie
  • Beverly Fredericks
  • Josette
  • Joe Nappi
  • Randy Phoenix
  • Black Eric (real name Eric Sweat. tall, skinny, dressed up in cheerleader outfit)
  • Ron Hancock
  • Jimmy Mann
  • Mike (or John?) Grossman
  • Robbie Andring
  • the Sanchez brothers
  • Marykay Dadetto
  • Jane Kunk
  • Robin Robinette
  • Raelene (or Raylene... spelling?)
  • Laura Plato
  • Jeff Lovelady
  • Will Anders (mohawk)
  • Brad Richardson (friend of Will Anders)
  • Monique
  • Matt Simmons
  • Howard Pryor
  • Manny (now Emanuel) Sferios
  • Ricky (aka Rick, now Rik) Bowman
  • John Etheridge (Mohawk John)
  • Sunny Mullins
  • Clay (with fake English accent)
  • Stu and Cathy (part of Skyfeathers managment)
  • JT Morris
  • Pete Erickson
  • Sabrina Wakefield
  • Caroline Sklenar
  • Mike Smith (RIP 11-01-2005)
  • Jeff Doolittle (RIP)
  • Jason Medley
  • Pat Ward
  • John Huntley (RIP)
  • Danielle Newton
  • Jessica Dwyer
  • Michelle Forbes
  • Bobby Winter
  • Ken Holt
  • Brad Dutenhaver
  • Will Bowlin
  • Tammy (of Vinnie and Tammy)
  • John Mark Thrasher
  • David Cortright
  • Nicholas ?
  • Blaine Alexander
  • Vikki Wenners
  • Kelly Becker
  • Connie Tayler
  • Julie Garisto
  • Kristie Breslin (aka Casper)
  • Stacia Ducey
  • Jenny Christodal
  • Kara and Krista Lipe
  • Michelle Jolly
  • Stephanie Jolly
  • Donna
  • Markay
  • Tony Mayer (Tall Tony)
  • Drew
  • Jamie
  • Lucy
  • Lucy Berenguer
  • Steve Spears
  • Natalie Krodel
  • Mike Sayles
  • Mike Gongora
  • Mike Pulowski
  • Jennifer Hall
  • Liz Bernard
  • Ben Coffee
  • Valerie Parks
  • Robert and Reggie Bascomb (brothers, I think)
  • Heather Church
  • Connie Valdez
  • Al Ponte
  • Jason Naylor
  • Chris Young (obsessed with Berry Blue kool-aid)
  • Sara Steele
  • Ed (the bouncer)
  • QG (dj/mc on Top 40 Dancefloor)
  • Deeanne (managment)
  • Ben (dj on New Wave Dancefloor)
  • Karen and Rose
  • Kevin Hasbrouck, aka: Kevin Christ aka: Kevin Skank Aka: Skankman
  • Laura Wells
  • Brian McCormick - One of the D2 band with a mowhawk
  • Richard White - Original trenchcoat brigade
  • Susan Duckworth, aka: Columbia
  • Mike, aka: Claw
  • Tim (dude with curly hair and a car)
  • Shawn Marshall - SPHS Madonna
  • Fred Bean
  • Mike McNair
  • Remington Russell
  • Eddie Dees
  • ?? if you remember anyone else, let me know

    Christine and Kara were at the center of my Skyfeathers world, which was for a time pretty much my whole world.

    Julie Garisto adds: "Blaine Alexander kept winning that Dead or Alive lip synch contest, remember?"

    Clay and the Duran Duran guys. The Duran Duran guys (so named because they performed the Duran Duran lip syncs, and did a bloody good job) put on English accents. They were very good English accents and the guys were never out of character while at Skyfeathers. They had the clothes, the accents and the attitudes. If Duran Duran didn't already exist, these guys could have been them!
    Clay was another guy who put on an English accent. A very charming fellow, I only found out he wasn't from the UK because once he was really drunk at a party (outside of Skyfeathers) and his accent fell away - BUSTED! I also remember him requesting Scritti Politti (whom I had never heard of) and it soon became a favorite.

    mohawk guy martial arts (Jason?), hung out with Pat Ward

    Mohawk John (Etheridge) - John:"Do I stink?"   Me:"Yes."   John:"Good."

    Ed, the bouncer. An incredibly big guy, always impeccably dressed. You couldn't move him out of the way with a backhoe, and he wasn't fat-big, he was wide-as-a-house-strong-big. One tough guy refused to leave when Buddy ordered him out and still didn't leave with the possible threat of Ed enforcing the order. A few moments later he found himself lying down in the parking lot, propelled from the building by an unstoppable force and these words - "Ed, get him outta here."

    Deeanne (?) - manager. worked with Buddy before Skyfeathers. she worked behind the bar with me sometimes.

    Stu - Very tall, helped with the finances (accounting and such I believe). Had an affinity for Talking Heads. I think he had a few pieces of electronic percussion at his house. Another very cool guy.
    Cathy - of Stu and Cathy. also part of the administration end of Skyfeathers.

    Ben was, among other things, the first DJ for the New Wave room. Ben was a very cool guy. He kinda reminded me of the lead singer of Big Country. Then at some point he was leaving. I never knew the reason, though there seemed to be some bad vibes. I think he also helped with some tech things, like hooking up the audio gear properly.

    DJ/MC/Rapper main floor - I can't remember this guy's name [update: Buddy refreshed my memory - QG, as in "Quality Guaranteed"] but his trademark was that he could rap at breakneck speed, like a machine gun.


    Karen and Rose. - Two lovely sisters who gave me my first bilevel haircut and bleach (like this).