Skyfeathers - A Nightclub for Teenagers : 1985
Skyfeathers Reunion - Live Recordings

Skyfeathers dancing
This recording was made using a Zoom H4n (flash memory recorder) hung from the rafters with the built-in stereo microphones pointed directly at the dancefloor area. It also had 2 cables coming from the laptop providing a duplicate of the audio going to the sound system. What you hear is a mix of the live sound of the room and stereo ouput of the laptop.

There were a few minor technical glitches in the first 2 or 3 songs (previously played songs start playing again during other songs - even though they're not supposed to!). Also, still doing a bit of sound check, microphone and such. Luckily, there were only about 8 people there to witness this part (but now everyone is going to hear it).

These files are now available in 3 levels of mp3 compression, plus "cd quality" (uncompressed 16bit 44.1kHz audio) for those who have the hard drive space and want the best quality. All versions are cut so that if played in sequence with no time gaps between them (as most mp3 software will do), it will sound like one continuous recording. The first 5 parts are approximately 1 hour long each and the 6th is just over 27 minutes. The total playing time is not quite 5-1/2 hours, the total size of all 6 files is listed in each section respectively.

To download, right-click (Windows pc) or option-click (Mac) on each link and select "Save link as" or "Save target as". If you can't manage this or really, really need these on cd, let me know and I'll see what I can do for ya.