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hitch-hiking home

Postby The Strawberry Girl » Sun Oct 30, 2005 2:47 pm

One night, when the VW taxi service was out of service, I suppose, a girl that lived with me at the YWR (Young Women's Residence) in St. Pete went with me to skyfeathers. Her name was Shelly something. We'd made no arrangements for a way home, so we ended up hitch-hiking. Down.. US 19 I think. Very late at night, probably after the warehouse. A limo pulled over. And not just any limo, but, a white old style rolls-royce limo. The driver got out and opened the door, and said "I've always wanted to do this."
I couldn't believe our luck. Not just for the limo, but that he wasn't a mad-man hatchet killer. (Come to think of it, luck has played a major roll in the survival of my teenage years and young adulthood.)
But, the driver took us to his limo business, traded it for his own car, and took us all the way home safely, and didn't even hint at anything unseemly.
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