Here is my once upon a hazy night story!

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Here is my once upon a hazy night story!

Postby Marius » Sat Jan 24, 2009 11:27 pm

Hello friends! This is a story all of you can relate to. I wrote this story for Rorie nearly one year ago when I found her on Rorie has since become a kinder garden teacher. You will see Rorie's little emails to me about the story I wrote for her. It is both amazing & sad to see everyone change so much over the years. But in this story we are who we were nearly 25 years ago. . .

Marius is a troubled teenager. He seems aloof distant & buried in his private
thoughts all day. When kids his age or adults approach him, they might ask Marius a question or try to get his attention. Marius does not always respond properly or sometimes not at all. He is 15 & just starting to become a young man. His looks are getting notice from the girls at his school. To Marius, the world is black & white. It is drab & dreary. He does nothing. He just sits in his chair at school & does whatever assignments are put in front of him. Sometimes he draws on his assignments. When the teachers talk or teach the lesson, he does not hear what they are saying. Their slow repetitive movements put Marius to sleep. If he notices a girl that he likes & she shows him that she is interested, he goes out of his way to ignore her. This is not because he does not like her. It is because he is very shy. One day Marius comes to school wearing eyeliner. His hair has a white bleached line on either side of his head. Some kids notice this. The smart ones say nothing & accept Marius’s new style. But some kids make the mistake of assuming that young Marius is gay or feminine for wearing makeup. Marius is actually 100% heterosexual. During the summer of 1985 he is sent away to live with his controlling father who happens to live in Hollywood. Marius’s father has a horrible habit of telling him how to dress, how to act & just about controls every aspect of Marius’ life. While all of his friends are out living their lives as teenagers in the 80s, Marius is stuck in his dad’s living room as his father listens to sound tracks from old Western films like El Derado. As that horrible music plays, Marius is dying inside. He has to escape he has to get out & be with his friends. He feels like he is suffocating when he is with his father. One day, Marius’s friend Scott calls & tells him that he met a girl. She is cute & Scott spent the night at her house the night before. Her name is Rorie or something. There is going to be a party tonight & Scott has told Marius that he should come. Marius is dying. His father is too strict & will never allow it.. So Marius makes up a story. He tells his father that he has to go back to Thousand Oaks that night no matter what. When his father asks why, Marius just says, “Please just trust me dad! I’ll be home with you tomorrow, I promise!”. His father agrees to drive Marius to T.O. on the promise that Marius will be ready to be picked up the next day. When he is dropped off, Marius is thrilled to be on his own. He walks over to his mother’s home & knocks on the door. When she does not answer, Marius breaks the little glass window in her house & opens the door himself. He calls his friends & tells them that he will join them at the party tonight & for them to pick him up. At around 6:00 PM, Marius takes a shower. His hair is bleached white. After the shower, he walks around his mother’s house wearing only a towel & boots. He is picking out the clothes that he will wear that night. Purple Rain by Prince is playing in the background. When Marius has his clothes on, he notices that his hair is just damp. Perfect for styling! He puts Dep hair styling gel in his hair. He also adds a moderate amount of egg whites for more stiffness. White can Aqua Net Super Hold hair spray is the perfect finishing touch for any hairstyle. Then Marius applies eyeliner. His face is red from the heat of the hairdryer. His eyes are penetrating with the eyeliner. Marius is ready to go out. He leaves his mother’s house & waits for his ride out front. While he is waiting, Marius lights a clove. He is not a real smoker, but in those days it was not unusual to light up a cigarette or clove while waiting for a ride. As Marius looks up the street, he hears the hit song RELAX by Frankie goes to Hollywood getting louder & louder as Marius’s friends drive down the street. Their car screeches to a halt. Marius hands his cigarette to Scott who is a real smoker. Marius climbs in through the window, & they are off. Marius yells, “Where is this party going to be?” Scott who is sporting a mohawk yells back, I DON’T KNOW, BUT THAT CHICK RORIE WILL BE THERE!” Then Scott high fives Marius.

“Is she hot?” Marius asks.

“Yea shes hot! She’s got huge tits! I’m not so sure that she’s into me, but I’m going to try & fuck her tonight!” Scott answers

Marius kind of leans back in his seat with a look of curiosity on his face

Once at the party an interesting collection of beautiful people are standing around. Scott points out Rorie who is sitting on a wall or large rock. Her legs are crossed at the ankles & she is very lively. She is surrounded by a group of people as she talks & holds up the conversation. Scott brings Marius over to meet her.

“Hey Rorie! This is my best friend Marius!” Scott says

Rorie first hugs Scott then she looks up at & hugs Marius. Rorie directs a lot of her attention to Marius as the party continues. Rorie talks with a kind of stuffy nose mixed with a Marilyn Monroe voice. She is wearing a black skintight shirt/turtleneck sweater, plus black a black skirt, black nylon stockings with little black ankle boots. She is also wearing a black beret. Her hair is shaved on one side of her head to one inch of growth. On the other side of her head, her hair is quite long, coming down just below her jaw line. She has a very pretty face & a body that is thin. Her tiny teenage waist together with great curvy hips draws much attention. As Scott stated, Rorie has very large breasts that any 16 year old girl would kill for. But she is not vain about them & wears clothes that hide this fact. Elegant turtle neck sweaters & other cosmopolitan loose fitting shirts do the trick for Rorie. She is also wearing dark burgundy lipstick & is often laughing or carrying the conversation. Rorie is entirely sexy. Marius is attracted to Rorie, but he keeps his distance because of Scott. But Rorie makes that difficult. She leans forward & tells Marius that he is very cute & looks like Jack Diddley from the recent movie Suburbia. He immediately feels comfortable around her. Rorie brings Marius out of his shell. Later that night, everyone takes the party to Xenon West in Ventura. In the back of the red suv/van, everyone sits in a circle & smokes clove cigarettes. Everyone is talking & enjoying the evening. Scott tries to make moves on Rorie, but she is not interested. Marius & Rorie have made a connection that only they are aware of. The two of them direct all attention to each other. As they get closer to Xenon West, Marius can see the huge tower of the Holiday inn on the side of the freeway. It is above Rorie’s head through the window. Marius starts to see the world not as black & white, but more in color as he enjoys himself. Rorie reinforces this feeling as she masterfully strokes Marius’s ego with compliments on his looks or big laughs at his jokes. As the van parks, everyone piles out & walks up the sidewalk towards Xenon West. Rorie is always holding Marius' hand even though they are not holding hands. Loud music & little glimpses of strobe light trickle out of the nooks & crannies of the nightclub on the second floor. This Generation the 80s generation is the last great music generation of the 20th century.

Everyone gets ready to get “carded” as they enter the nightclub. This nightclub it 18 & over, but Rorie, Marius & their friends routinely get by lax security measures. In all honesty, if Xenon & other nightclubs actually shut out the 17 & under crowed, they would have run themselves out of business. Rorie, Marius & everyone are quieter as the group draws nearer the front door. Once past the front door & the $2 is paid, Rorie takes Marius by the hand. Everyone runs up the stairs. Rorie puts both of her arms above her head as she dances into the nightclub. The magic of a wonderful night is starting. Rorie takes Marius by the hand & the two of them dance onto the dance floor. Blasphemous rumors by Depeche Mode a relatively new band but a very big star in the 1980s plays over the dance floor speakers Rorie has been clubbing at the biggest clubs from Ventura to LA since she was 13. She is very experienced with the dance scene. Marius is fresh off the trees & has no experience. Rorie’s entire body moves very skillfully when she dances. Both arms are in the air holding them together with both hands clenched. Her hips shoot side to side with the beat of the music as she offers an occasional spin & then stops when she makes eye contact with Marius. He does not look ridiculous when he dances, but it is obvious that he is new to the dance scene. After Blasphemous rumors plays & finishes, White Lines by Grandmaster Flash is playing over the entire nightclub
The entire nightclub goes nuts & joins the dance floor. White lines is actually a rap song that is a huge hit in America. But to Marius, Rorie & their generation, White lines is just a cool nightclub song. Black lights are all over as pure white nightclub smoke blows out of the DJ booth. Marius & Rorie are dancing very close to each other. Their mid sections are connected & locked as the two of them dance. Marius takes a chance & rubs Rorie’s hips. As his hands slide around her hips to her ass, Rorie looks up at Marius & smiles. Her face is deep purple & her teeth are bleached snow white from the black lights. Microscopic lint hairs of dust glow green on both of their faces.. Rorie puts both of her arms around Marius’s neck. Marius looks up to see Scott staring at them. At this point he should have given up by now, but Marius will send the final message to Scott once & for all. As White lines ends, Sex Dwarf by Soft Cell begins
Marius looks down at Rorie & peers into her eyes. It is understood what will come next. The two of them very passionately begin to kiss. Their tongues collide & mix it up as Marius feels Rorie rub the back of his head. Her kiss is aggressive & seductive. The force of her kiss is unyielding to anything weak or half ass. Rorie is altogether a dam good kisser for a 16 year old. Marius is not so bad himself. They kiss for two strait songs. They mildly dance during their long kiss. Others in the nightclub notice with comments like, "Hey you guys! Put out the fire already!" Marius & Rorie both laugh at their comments. After the two of them take a break, Marius looks up to see that Scott disappeared in the nightclub smoke. For the rest of the night, Rorie & Marius go from place to place in & around Xenon West. In the TV room, the hit movie The Hunger is playing. Rorie enjoys a few Surly Temple drinks. Marius watches some clips of The Hunger & then looks over to Rorie who carries the conversation with other friends. Her witty comments & laughter attract much respect & could even make a quiet person feel a little insecure. Over the next couple of weeks, Marius & Rorie hangout together. Marius moves in with Rorie. After three weeks of sleeping together on the floor in front of her sofa in her living room, Marius still has not attempted sex with Rorie. Every night, she comes to bed wearing only her panties & a loose fitting T-shirt. (No bra). They always kiss very passionately, touch each other all over & then Marius suddenly stops, rolls over & goes to sleep. He is only 15 & quite satisfied with going only so far. Rorie is different. She wants to go further, but because of Marius’ sudden action of rolling over & going to sleep, she is forced to do the same. She often tries to keep conversation going, but Marius does not catch on. He is enjoying life & aware of it. At that point in his teenage years, Rorie is it. She is THE girl to be with. Marius recognizes all of Rorie’s qualities & lets her know it. Marius avoids calling his mother, going to school or doing anything he normally would do.

One night Rorie has something planned. She gets dressed up in a cute white sleeveless top with an open neck. This top has navy blue lines all across the entire garment. She is also wearing a pair of white clam digger pants. They hang to just below her knees. A pair navy blue tennis shoes tops off the outfit & she is ready to go. She looks like the little sailor logo on the front of the Cracker Jacks box. Rorie & Marius drive off in Rorie’s baby blue Vega. Rorie has a smile on her face like she knows something. Marius asks what is going on. Rorie only smiles at Marius. She drives her car North on the 101 freeway towards Ventura. Marius thinks they are going to Xenon West. Suddenly Rorie drives off the freeway before Ventura & into Oxnard. She seems to be driving towards the beach. Marius looks around with curiosity. The moon is full & bright blue. As they drive down a dark lonely road, Marius wonders even more what it is that she has planned. Suddenly she begins driving into the shoulder. Her car is driving across dirt & rocks as it bumps & bobs through the difficult terrain. As Rorie parks the car next to enormous sand hills, the moonlight illuminates the sand bright blue. The occasional flash of green light from a nearby lighthouse rotating in the distance is visible to both teenagers. Rorie leans forward & looks out of her front window. She turns on the radio & turns the volume low. Depeche Mode’s Master & Servant plays over the radio

Then she looks over at Marius & smiles. Like tens of thousands of other kids across America, they are parking. The two of them climb into the back of her Vega. As Rorie lies down, the two of them begin to kiss. Rorie takes off her little top & her pants. As they kiss, she takes off Marius’ T-shirt. His heart is beating insanely fast. He can feel & hear Rorie’s heart beating as well. Marius sits up to remove his boots & then take off his pants (I’m beating around the bush Rorie! I could very easily write this section, but I am afraid I would offend you. If you would like me to continue, then I will. . .

PLEASE, continue!! You really are an amazing writer, and I can’t believe what an incredible memory you have!

Okay! I’ll continue then! Suddenly he is nearly naked. He is lying on top of her. Mid sections are pivoting upwards & downwards against each other. Marius & Rorie both know that this is it. There are no parents sleeping in the next room. Nobody around for miles. Just Marius & Rorie in her baby blue Vega parked in the middle of nowhere with only a lighthouse & a car radio for company. People are people by Depeche Mode plays over the radio

Suddenly her bra & panties are removed. Marius takes off his boxers. An incredibly foreign feeling of being fully naked on top of the warm body of a girl is extremely exciting with a very slight tinge of embarrassment. Finally both teenagers are making love. At this point, the windows are fogged over, several songs have played out over the radio & it ends with both teens breathing heavily & looking into each others eyes. As Rorie jokes around & puts her clothes back on, Marius has a feeling he has never felt. He feels incredibly close to her. As they drive away from the beach & sand dunes, Marius looks over at Rorie & smiles. He is quiet & very happy that he took this step with her. He is forever changed. End of chapter 1

Now Rorie? You had huge breasts! Were those D cups when you were 16?

Lololololol Yes!They still are huge! I can’t believe the details you remember! It brings back so many memories Marius! OMG I miss those days!!!! We had so much fun! The next time you are over here, You better come visit me!!
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