Here is a story

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Here is a story

Postby Marius » Sat Jan 17, 2009 9:17 pm

None of these replies surprise me! It seems that our Generation & the kids who went down the New wave & or punk rock road in particular, were all "late bloomers" when it comes to getting a college education & or a career. This is not a put down in any way to this particular group of people I always held close to my heart. All of my friends from high school were very creative in some way. My friend Marcus who was Death Rock came to his first day of school wearing a tuxedo made from trash bags. He was Jewish (His parents were serious Orthodox Jews) Yet Marcus was still brazen enough to start a punk rock band called Auschwitz. I was lead guitarist, our mutual friend Scott was drummer, Eric on Bass & Marcus was of course lead singer. My then beautiful girlfriend April, was a very intimidating 6ft tall punk chick with a huge Mohawk. When we were not ditching school or loitering, I was writing as was April. I met April in my creative writing class when we were both 12 years old. Marcus was writing music, Scott was taking pictures & Eric was taking Acid & drawing really cool pictures. 23 years later, I own a shitty little business that masks my personal failure at making something of myself, Scott moves from apartment to apartment & city to city trying to get that perfect group of roommates, Marcus travels around the country in a hippie VW bug that runs on vegetable oil. Whenever you look into his eyes, he always looks worried like a stray dog on the streets, just as a cold rain begins to fall. Eric became a computer programmer who rents rooms from people's homes. April had a baby with a Serbian guy when she was 17. When her son turned 5, April her son & her Serbian husband Eugene went to the beach. It was at the beach on that day, that April discovered that her son Santino look more familiar than ususal. He always looked familiar to her like someone she once knew. But on the beach that day, he looked really familiar. It was something about his brown eyes, smile & dimples that always stopped her heart. Suddenly it dawned on her. Santino looked exactly like her ex-boyfriend Marius back home. When they got home that day, April took out tons of pictures from her teenage days. She plucked out all of the pictures with me in them & then comparred them to Santino. They were a match. Finally she decided to tell me by letting me meet her son in person one year later. This story has been told among all of our friends. It was written long ago. I will copy & paste it here for you guys. It is told in story format, so that you can better absorb the story. By the way! April moved to Texas with her family when she was 17. We had sex just before she left. She met her future husband a couple weeks later. They had sex once with him using a condom. She was already pregnant but thought she was pregnant from Eugene. Anyway here is the story. . .

When Santino turns 6, April wants to confirm her suspicions by bringing the child to California to meet Marius. She wants to see Santino next to Marius. Marius has no idea what April is up to. He is just happy that he will see April with her son. Marius is sitting in his living room eating a watermelon when he gets a knock at the door. He can already hear April’s voice & the voice of a little boy saying things followed by “Mommy”. Marius’ heart beats with excitement. It has been years since they have seen each other. Plus he will see her son. When he opens the door, Marius & April hug warmly. He then looks down at Santino who is kind of standing there & looking up.

“Is this your son?” Marius asks.

April answers in a kind of nervous voice, “Sure is!”

Marius immediately notices that April is studying his face with a fixed stare. When he looks down, he can see April's head bending down from his peripheral vision. She is totally studying his facial features. Marius bends down & hugs the boy who kind of pulls away at the unfamiliar man picking him up. The threesome walks into Marius’ living room. Marius sits Santino on the sofa & then sits next to him. “Oh my God!! This is April’s little boy!” Marius blurts out. Marius studies the little boy. He looks at his hair, his skin & then smells the little boy to see what a child from April might smell like. When Marius looks back at April, she is smiling with tears running down her face as she reaches over & rubs Marius’ hand. Marius notices that April is acting very strange. But maybe it is because of the years that went by.

“Why are you crying April?” Marius asks kindly.

“Oh nothing its nothing, I’m just so happy to be here next to you! Put Santino on your lap & lean back!” April states & asks.
Marius innocently does as April asks. When Marius leans back, Santino’s little head plops onto Marius’ chest just under his chin. April leans forward & peers at the two of them. Then April starts to break down crying with her face buried into her hands. She slicks back her hair & stands up. She begins to pace throughout the living room from one side to the next.

"Oh God, what did I do to deserve this? I've been pretty good my whole life! What did I do to deserve this???" April says out loud to herself

Both Marius & Santino look at April like she is crazy. Marius has a look of concern on his face as he sits little santino aside & leans forward.

“What is it April? You can tell me!” Marius asks.

Marius strokes April’s hand & waits. April does not make eye contact for the longest time. When she looks at Marius, she looses it. She cries uncontrollably. “Ohhhh Marius I’m soooo sorry!! Please forgive me!! Please!!!!!” Marius is totally confused & getting nervous. What could April possibly be sorry about??? Is she dying of Cancer or some other ailment??? What in the world could it be??? April’s crying has caught the attention of her son who now asks, “What’s the matter Mommy?” Marius looks down at Santino & asks, “Do you want to see the toys I got you?” Santino bites his tongue as it hangs out to the side in a sign of excitement. Marius for the first time notices something very familiar about the boy, but does not pick up on it. He gets up & gets unopened boxes of toys for the child. He sets them down onto the floor away from April, so that the boy will not see her crying. The boy’s attention is on the toys for now as Marius presses April for the reason she is acting so strange. As April begins to talk, she hugs Marius & cries more. He pulls back & becomes annoyed with April’s reluctance to start talking. “ENOUGH OF THIS BULLSHIT APRIL!!! WHAT IS IT??” he demands.

April takes Marius by the hands as she positions herself closer to him. She starts to talk but instead cries. “Now what am I gonna do??? How will Eugene take it?? I have a lump in my throat Marius! Can you get me some water?” April states & then asks.
After she is given water to clear her throat, Marius presses again.

“What are you talking about? What will your husband have to take??” Marius asks. April gives Marius an answer like she is annoyed with Marius for asking.

“Oh Look at my son’s face & you will understand everything!” April snaps.

Marius gets up & walks over to the boy. He thinks he will look for some sign of disease & that the boy is dying. As he kneels down over the child, both the boy & Marius look over at April. April starts crying again & says, “I’m so sorry you guys!!! I’m sooooo sorry!!” Marius then looks at the boys face for any red blemishes or bruises. When the boy makes eye contact with Marius, Marius feels that strange feeling like it is a face very familiar to him. Then Marius suddenly focuses on the boy’s eyes. Marius focuses on the boy’s nose & chin as well. April is dead silent as she glares at Marius for any sign of what he is thinking. Marius suddenly feels his blood run cold. His eyes widen as he suddenly becomes aware of what April is onto. He stands up & back. It suddenly dawns on him what April is crying about. He points down at the little boy & only says three words. “IS? IS THIS???” April starts crying begging Marius to forgive her. Marius leaves the living room & goes into his bedroom. He comes back out & then goes back in again. Then he comes back out again & throws both arms into the air April rushes after Marius into his bedroom & closes the door. Marius sits on his bed. April tries to hold him, but he pushes her away. April cries harder & begs for forgiveness. Marius suddenly stops moving & sits up strait. He looks forward like April is not in the bedroom with him. He stands up. April cries, “What are you going to do??? What are you going to do????” Marius looks down at her & then points in Santino’s direction & says, “I am going into that room & I am going to tell that boy who I am!” As Marius starts for the door, April jumps up & grabs Marius. “NO NO NO !!!! IT WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING!!!! I CAN’T TELL HIM NOW!!!! I CAN’T GO BACK!!!!!!! SANTINO HAS A FATHER!!!!!” That statement enrages Marius. “NO!!!!! I’M HIS FATHER!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!” April screams & pulls on Marius even harder. “I KNEW THAT THIS WAS A MISTAKE!!!! I KNEW IT!!! PLEASE DON’T HURT ME!!!!! YOU WILL KILL ME IF YOU DO IT!!! YOU WILL KILL ME!!!!” Then April falls to the floor. “DON’T DO IT!!! PLEASE!!! I’M BEGGING YOU!!!” Marius looks down at April who is hugging his leg. He begins to feel sorry for her. His face is red & wet with tears & sweat. He thinks about his next move. Even if the boy knows the truth, then what?? April will be fucked & there is no guarantee that the boy will bond with Marius. After serious thought, He chooses to protect April. He picks her up from under her arms & lies her down onto his bed. As Marius leaves his bedroom, April lifts her head & glares at him. “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO??” She asks. “Jesus April calm down!!! I’m getting you a cool wash cloth & something to drink!” Marius replies. As he passes Santino who is playing with his toys, Marius looks at the boy & then shakes his head in disbelief. “J E S U S
C H R I S T!!!!” he says under his breath. He returns to April with a cool drink & a damp cool washcloth. He wipes her face to cool her down. April starts making small talk once she sees that Marius is calm. She explains her side of the story in great detail. When she leaves with Santino, Marius goes into the bathroom & throws up. . .
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