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Discuss - Where When How Who

Postby skyfeathersdj » Mon Mar 30, 2009 2:39 pm

hi everybody.
some of you (most, i hope) already know that a New Wave Dancefloor Reunion is in the works.

i will post the latest information here and also try to propagate the info through Facebook and myspace. please spread the word to anyone who might be interested.

if you can make it - please let me know. if you definitely CAN'T make it, let me know that too. if you need some kind of help or support making it - let us all know, maybe we can make it happen.

When: Saturday August 8, 2009
Where: somewhere in St. Pete area - venue has yet to be determined. there is at least one good possibility, let me know if you have any ideas!
Who: i'll make a separate topic and people can post if they are coming or not
How: how? what does that mean? i suppose it will be through a process of loud music, laughing, maybe some drinks... you know how it goes.
What: dancing , our fave tunes from the New Wave dancefloor , i'll try to do a live audio webcast (maybe even some video or webcams too), lip syncs (start practicing) , lots of photos , send your ideas!
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